1Is there an admission fee?
There is no admission fee for both the Horry County Museum & L.W. Paul Living History Farm. We do accept donations from the public that are used to enhance our exhibits and programs. There are donation boxes at both facilities for small donations. Large donations can be made at both facilities or through the Horry County Museum Foundation .
2What are your hours of operation?
The Horry County Museum is open Tuesday-Saturday 9 AM-5 PM.
The L.W. Paul Living History Farm is open Tuesday-Saturday 9 AM-4 PM
3How do I arrange a group visit?
If you would like to bring your group to either the Farm or Museum, contact Marion Haynes (link to email) or call 843-915-7861. We welcome large or small groups and schools.
4Do you do appraisals?
The Museum and Farm do not do appraisals. Objects in our collection are conserved and preserved for display regardless of monetary value. If you have an appraisal question we suggest that you contact a certified appraiser to help you put a value on your collection.
5How do I get a copy of an image from your collection?
If you see an image on display or have questions about those that are part of our collection, copies can often be made for personal use or use in publications. There are fees for this service however, and some images do have restrictions. If you have an interest in our collection contact us at hcgmuseum@horrycounty.org or 843-915-5320.
6Can you help me with genealogical research?
The Museum and Farm do not have resources available for genealogical research. The Horry County Historical Society would be the best source for your research needs http://www.hchsonline.org/ The S.C. Department of Archives and History https://scdah.sc.gov/ also has a wealth of information for the public to research.
7Are you part of the Historical S o c i e t y ?
The Horry County Museum and the Horry County Historical Society are separate organizations. The Historical Society is a private organization that records and publishes local history. http://www.hchsonline.org/
8How do I become a Member?
Museum memberships can be purchased at the gift shops at both facilities. For more information about our membership program. http://www.horrycountymuseum.org/support/membership-program/
9How do I become a volunteer?
We have many opportunities for someone with interests in the Museum and Farm to participate. The Museum Friends is a support organization that is involved with programs at both facilities with a variety of projects. If you have the desire to participate in Museum and/or Farm programs, contact us at 843-915-5320 or 843-915-5321.
10What types of collections do the Museum and Farm have?
The Horry County Museum has a mission to preserve, protect, and educate the public about the Prehistory, History, and Natural History of Horry County.
Our collections represent this mission. We have collections that relate to many subjects that represent the diversity of Horry County. Native Americans, agriculture, naval stores, textiles, natural history, photographs, and archives are a few of the collection
subjects we maintain.

Collections at the L.W. Paul Living History Farm reflect its mission to “preserve and protect the materials and objects relating to the history and
culture of the Horry County farm family of the period of 1900-1955”

11How do I make a financial contribution?
Monetary donations can be made at the Museum, Farm, or through the Horry County Museum Foundation.
12How do I donate an artifact, photograph, or document to the Museum & Farm collection?
If you have an interest in donating an artifact to the Museum or Farm, you should contact our curator geedy.abigail@horrycountysc.gov. The Museum mission statement to preserve the “history, natural history, and prehistory of Horry County” and the Farm mission statement “ to preserve and protect the materials and objects relating to the history and culture of the Horry County farm family of the period of 1900-1955” limit our scope of interest in outside artifacts. Storage and funding issues also contribute to the limitations of our collection. We are primarily interested in artifacts from Horry County and in many cases have to turn down objects from outside of the area. However, we are always interested in acquiring different items to help present an exhibit to its greatest potential and preserve the history of the object. Feel free to contact us with any questions about donations possibilities.
13Do you purchase artifacts?
We rarely purchase artifacts. The uniqueness, historical significance, provenance, and cost must all be just right for the Museum or Farm to justify purchasing and object.